Sofa Cleaning Services

Your family may not be the only ones enjoying the sofa. The soft, comfortable places where families relax and play at home harbor millions of bacteria which is not visible to human eyes. For example, Staphylococcus bacteria can live on soft surfaces for 24 hours. As kids spend a significant amount of time playing, sleeping and eating on the sofa, bacteria tend to accumulate on the furniture. Cleaning soft furnishings and surfaces regularly is not enough to remove germs and microbial food sources. Sanitizing sucks out all the germs making it a safe place for your family. Our sofa sanitizing process is very unique. We use different type of tools to sanitize each and every corner of your sofa. Also, we do foam cleaning after sanitizing to remove dirt and light stains. Our biggest specialty is that we don't use water to clean the fabric and leather surface. Hence sofa does not get wet heavily. The drying process takes less than half an hour and the sofa will be ready to use in no time. We don’t use any chemicals to spoil your fabric or risk your health.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Our carpet sanitizing is done without the use of harsh chemicals or soaps. Hence there is no chance of any sticky residue left behind to attract dirt. We do not flood the carpet with hot water or steam. The carpet dries within half an hour of the sanitizing process. Sanitizing removes dry soil and deeply embedded allergens, toxins and dust-mites. We use very powerful sophisticated machine for this. Once the soil, hard dust particles on the carpet are loosened, special tools are used to thoroughly clean the carpet threads. Later the carpet is shampooed and dried with the machine. Our sanitizing solution leaves no residue. Our speedy drying process will make the carpet ready to use in no time. We do try to remove all stains during the process of sanitizing. We don’t use any chemicals to spoil your fabric or risk your health.

Mattress Cleaning Services

Generally people think that washing their bed sheets regularly is sufficient to keep their beds clean. However, people shed bacteria-harboring skin cells onto their mattress each night when they sleep, which becomes problematic when someone is sick. This is a means of food for microbes and dust mites present in the mattress. Without professional mattress sanitizing, YOU and YOUR FAMILY are likely to experience many other temporary symptoms / illness like sleeplessness, frustration, early morning sneezing etc. Our exclusive mattress sanitizing process has the ability to suck out all allergens, toxins, lice, scabies, silverfish, roaches, spiders, blood-sucking bedbugs and dust-mites. The mattress is ready to use after sanitizing for a comfortable sleep.

Pillow Cleaning Services

Pillows / Cushions are such areas where people rest their heads. On repeat use these surfaces get filled with bacteria. Our mouth, nose and ears are vulnerable carriers of diseases while rubbing against pillows. These parts do pick up bacteria left behind by previous users. Our pillow sanitizing process is totally different and very attractive as it sucks out all dust, dust mites, bacteria, fungus, bad smell etc and generates a sanitizing aroma. You can really feel the freshness.

Curtain cleaning Services

Curtains are the very important part of the decor in a living room. A window without clean curtains looks quite bare and incomplete. Curtains require regular cleaning and care. Our sanitizing process removes dust, dirt, bacteria etc; from curtains of all type without removing them from where they are hanging, thereby providing your room with good looks.